250 years of Survey of India

Survey of India completed 250 years yesterday!

Sharing a 1999 article that talks of the incredible Nain Singh, a school teacher from the Himalayas who went on three journeys to Lhasa, mapped routes using a prayer bead, sextant and mercury, and calculated the elevation of Lhasa by measuring the temperature at which water boiled, with astounding accuracy! He is part of a long list of now forgotten Indians who contributed greatly to the British surveys, whose stories are fascinating beyond belief. Nain Singh was the real life inspiration for Kipling’s Kim.

Below is the link:



More on the mapping of Everest, and another Indian Kinthup, who was illiterate and died penniless, but managed against formidable odds (he was sold into slavery but escaped) to trace the origin of the Brahmaputra in Tibet. Please find the link below to read more about this.


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