MPhil in Development Practice AUD

The Education Initiative (TEI), partnership of Pradan with the Ambedkar University, Delhi, is an important facet of our endeavours to bring the “best and brightest” to the grass-roots’ sector. Well appreciating the deficits in the higher education system in being able to produce the appropriate human resources for getting engaged in ‘transformative social action’ in the villages, PRADAN has evolved the M-Phil Programme in Development Practice along-with the excellent faculty of the AUD, which in itself is one of the pre-eminent institutions in the public sector, providing training on liberal studies. The M Phil programme is also in a way the culmination of AUD’s quest to innovate to redefine higher education, and PRADAN’s quest to professionalise rural grassroots work and induct high-quality people into the efforts to transform the rural. The focus of this M Phil, unlike a typical M Phil, is praxis, not stand-alone research. The programme as detailed in the enclosed bulletin, consists of classroom instruction of very high standards and an equal amount of field engagement in PRADAN projects.

We have already had five cohorts (batches) in this course and the admission to Cohort Six has begun. Please spread the word about this course so that we get diverse applicants to enrich the programme further.

Please see below two hyperlinks connecting to the AUD University website.

M Phil in Development Practice

Information on admission process



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