WORKSHOP INVITE – ‘The Broken Adult’

Here is to invite you to the workshop that is been organized as part of ‘Hacking the Education System Fellowship’ with Shikshantar. 4 day workshop ‘The Broken Adult’ would be happening in Jaipur.

The intention is to create a fun and safe space wherein young people get a  chance to understand themselves better and build friendships through sharing stories of violence that they have experienced by, because and inside of the schooling system. The idea is to be able to bring out and express these stories using the medium of Forum Theater.

Forum Theater is a is a great way of disclosing real life stories and also it is a very participatory form of craft wherein real life situations are dramatized, and there is room for intervention by the audience. This form allows spectators (audience) to become spect-actors; it is an exercise in democracy in which anyone can speak and anyone can act.The intervention made by the spect-actors is facilitated during the show to bring out the importance of, the the difference each one of us can bring by intervening in difficult real life situations.

Idea behind the workshop: All of us know and there have been public debates from many years around the exploitative, industry-line like schooling system that most of us have been or are yet a part of. Yet many of us are ignorant and have not been able to acknowledge this problem in detail. This kind of a situation, demands a revolution, and a space like this workshop is an attempt or the first step to understand the problem closely and voice it.
This could be a first step because in the rush of everyday life we do not get a space to come together to share stories of unpleasant experiences or moments of suffering. At no point in this workshop are we going to sit and intellectualize, but will create a space for people to come and identify real and personal problems faced by them, and others like us because of the schooling system. It is also intended to understand that our weaknesses and insecurities which gets manifested in our behaviors and attitude today, has got a lot to do with our experiences during schooling.

Date: 18th-21st June, 2017
Time: 03:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Venue: Pravah Jaipur Initiative- 650, Bhagat Singh Marg, Mahaveer Nagar, Near Ayappa Temple, Jaipur.

This workshop is being offered with the spirit that people could pay based on their capacity to pay and the value that they perceive. The suggestive contribution for the workshop is Rs.500/- in order to cover the costs of logistics and refreshments.

Interested people to please register by calling on 7014287213 or 9672362330, or drop an email on

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