Teacher Fellowship at Adharshila Learning Centre

Volunteer or Apply for Teacher Fellowship at

Adharshila Learning Centre for the session 2017 – 18

Beginning October-2017


Adharshila Learning Centre, is situated in a tribal village of Madhya Pradesh. For over two decades, Adharshila has stood for exciting experiments in education, in an attempt to stay true to its vision of creating a democratic learning space for the children of the local tribal communities.

The space is made functional through shared responsibilities and ownership by the children and the teachers from the local communities.The activities at the school have consisted of organic farming, community radio, varied forms of craft, locally relevant science and social science projects amongst many other things

We are inviting volunteer and Teacher Fellowship applications for the session of 2017 – 18.

For a Teacher Fellowship a person is expected to stay a full term – 3 months – or more at Adharshila. (The term is slightly shorter than 3 months but the fellow will be expected to prepare for the term and write lesson plans based on her/his teaching experience in the remaining time.) For this we will provide a small stipend, food from the mess and a shared space on the campus.

For shorter periods one can be a volunteer for which there isn’t a stipend, just food and lodging.

Since, we have already found fellows for the first term, those who are interested can select either of the following terms for the fellowship-

  1. Term 2: October 2017-December 2018
  2. Term 3: January 2018-April 2018.

Expectations – As a volunteer you will be required to assist in the regular subject classes. In the remaining time you will be expected to help in office, farm, mess, engaging students who need extra help or any other activity where there is a need. If you have some special skills like art, music, dance, craft etc. then you can do these regularly for the time you are there or in a workshop mode.

As a Teacher Fellow also, you have to do the above tasks. But as your period of stay is longer you can choose to do a project of your choice on your own or by engaging children/teachers with you, in addition to the regular work.

In both cases we will try to fit your skill set with the tasks.

The going at Adharshila is tough if you have never stayed in a rural setting. So be prepared.

You can read the experiences of volunteers at http://www.adharshilalearningcentre.org/p/blog-page_7359.html

Write to us on email – adharshila.learningcentre@gmail.com or contact us on phone – 9685843272/8889289196


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