Stefi Barna, a faculty at the University recently co-designed a free online course (a MOOC) on violence and health.  It is intended for health professionals (medicine, nursing and public health) and students interested in global issues, international relations or social work.  The course is interactive – there are lots of videos and simulations – and it looks at issues of interpersonal and structural violence, from domestic violence to the refugee crisis, nuclear weapons and climate change.   Each topic is covered in 2 hours and the the whole course can be completed in 12 hours.

Although the focus is European, it is possible to skip around to units that are more international.  About 2000 people from 120 countries are enrolled (of whom 800 are active) and it’s been interesting to read experiences and perspectives from Kenya, Egypt, Malaysia, Nepal, Mexico, etc. 

If a student completes all 6 units and would like to have a record for their  CV, can give them a quiz and write an informal letter of completion (formal certification costs 59 euros). 

Here’s the link: