Course in Water Science and Policy at Shiv Nadar University

Shiv Nadar University is beginning a new course on Water Science and Policy – it has a diploma,a certification course, as well as a 2 year M.Sc course.

The courses will be taught by faculty who have the best expertise and practical experience in the water sector, within India and globally. Ten core faculty members in C-PACT and SHSS, along with School of Engineering Sciences in SNU, along with select national and internationally reputed experts will teach parts of the course, present seminars and engage with the pedagogic innovations that this course includes. The Adjunct and Guest Faculty members will become part of the research programmes within C-PACT, and will also support the supervision of select M.Sc. dissertations.

All the four programmes offered will have a modular structure. The M.Sc. programme will be divided into four semesters as follows:
Semester One:– Basic Concepts: Multi-disciplinary introduction to the water cycle, organised around rivers, aquifers, watersheds, lakes & wetlands, ecosystem services and the historical, social, legal and institutional aspects of water.
Semester Two:- Problems and Applications: A critical assessment of programmes and policies on water in India since Independence, covering large dams, groundwater extraction, watershed development, flood management, drinking water and sanitation, urban and industrial water, legal & institutional aspects of water in India, water conflicts, climate change and SDGs.
Semester Three:– 21st Century Solutions in Water: Students will move into the field to learn how India’s best water practitioners have evolved innovative, sustainable and equitable approaches to managing water across the country. Students will choose courses from a range of options, including traditional water harvesting & watershed management, participatory irrigation management, participatory groundwater management, rural drinking water & sanitation, sustainable non-chemical agriculture and water quality, nutrition & health.
Semester Four:–Dissertation: The dissertation will be a mandatory aspect of the two-year post-graduate programme. The dissertation will generally be field-based, with each student hosted at one of the field partners who are a part of the faculty. The subjects of Semester 3 will form the basis of selecting a dissertation topic.

The PG Diploma Programme will be a one year programme, with students completing 2 semesters of course work (Semesters 1 and 2 or Semesters 2 and 3 or Semester 1 and 3).
The Diploma Programme involves a full semester of 16 weeks, with students completing all the courses in Semesters 1 or 2 or 3.
The Advanced Certificate Programme involves all the courses listed in Semester 1A or 1B or 2A or 2B or any 2 modules in Semester 3.
The Certificate Programmes will include any one of the 8 modules offered in Semester 1 or 2 or any one of the 5 courses offered in Semester 3.

Application Guidelines
C-PACT and SHSS invite applications for the M.Sc and PG Diploma courses starting August 2017. The application form may be accessed (please see C-PACT web page) and filled and submitted online. Candidates MUST specify whether their application is for the M.Sc. programme or for the P G Diploma programme.

C-PACT invites applications for the Diploma and Certificate programmes starting August 2017. The application forms – separate forms for the Diploma and the Certificate courses may be accessed (please see C-PACT web page) and filled and submitted online.

Applicants for the Diploma course must specify the semester for which they are applying. Applicants for the Certificate course must specify the specific Module they are applying to.

The SNU Water Science and Policy programme is open to candidates within India and abroad. For the M.Sc. programme, the PG Diploma programme, and the Diploma and Certificate courses, the minimum qualification required is a B.Sc/ BA /B.Tech. or equivalent under-graduate degree.

Selection Process
After the screening of applications, based on the minimum qualifications, and the application materials (see below), all eligible candidates will be invited to an interview to be held in SNU campus in July 2017. International candidates will be interviewed over skype.
Please note that not all candidates meeting the minimum eligibility criteria may be shortlisted.

Application Fees
Applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable application fees of Rs. 1,200 (One Thousand Two Hundred Only) by credit/debit card or Demand Draft drawn in favor of Shiv Nadar University payable at NOIDA.
Candidates may note that the University reserves the right to accept or reject any application based on its departmental screening criteria, hence all application may not be shortlisted for the interview. Therefore, no requests for refund of the application fee shall be entertained whether or not the candidates are called for the interview.

For more details, please visit the University website.



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