ICFJ is hiring story-tellers

Possibilities to explore:



TWO researchers (3-5 yrs exp, social scientist-ish, https://www.icfj.org/about/jobs/icfj-data-researcher-india)


FOUR associates (1-3 yrs exp, multi-format storytellers, https://www.icfj.org/about/jobs/icfj-associate-india) to support the ICFJ India Fellows as we drive “innovation” (yes, loaded term) projects across newsrooms in India.

Venkatesh, Ravi, Neha, Ritvvij, Irshad, Shobha and I are a team with diverse expertise, focused on producing health/gender/development-focused journalism, and wherever possible, trying out multivideo and interactive/immersive formats, tactics, strategies — mobile-led lives and multicams, text/gfx-led social clips, 360/VR/drone experiences, dashboards, charts, maps, quizzes, even structured/automated stories, etc. Our engineering partner pykih helps us work through all the mundane but critical stuff that ensures these experiments actually pan out and are compatible with various publishing stacks.

If you have the skills and ambition to help with this kind of work, this will be a nine-month contract with good pay and opportunities to see your ideas through. If folks in your network might find this interesting, share this post. Takes less than a minute + I’ll owe you coffee.

Apply yesterday. Qs? Ping me  – Nasr ul Hadi (nu2144@columbia.edu)
P.S. Bonus points for candidates who can showcase their ideas/work as slick and efficient case studies or presentations.
Also, read this New ICFJ Knight Fellows Aim to Reinvent Health, Gender and Development Storytelling in India


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