Greetings from Sanchi University !

We at “Centre for Alternative Learning” at Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic studies , Barla – Madhya Pradesh are attempting to enquire into the question of learning. Learning, not just in limited sense of schooling, de-schooling, values or skill developments but in its completeness.

Why do we learn ? How do we learn ? What is learning ?

Because learning is our basic nature, It’s primarily a journey into depths of our own selves.

We are looking for fellow-travellers in this pilgrimage of self-enquiry, who will be part of the team dreaming to delve deep into subjects of learning, education and human life.

Currently the university is hiring facilitators (please visit the university website’s recruitment section).

Please feel free to get back in case of any queries or doubts @altedu.subis@gmail.com