Job Opportunity | Tough Hope Consultancy

Role: Program Executive/Manager
No of Opening/s: 2
Prior Experience: 0-1 year experience of working in public policy, research or prior experience working with the youth.
Nature: Full time role based out of Delhi
Time Commitment: 48 hours/week
Reports to: Program Head/Director
Compensation : 3-3.6 LPA

About Tough Hope Consultancy
Founded in 2016, we are a group of individuals organized as a private limited. We work with nonprofits and corporate entities on their socially motivated projects and help them with process design, product development and on-ground delivery. We also help social start-ups and micro enterprises sharpen their vision, systems and processes. The underlying theme is to discover and further hope in the lives and works of individuals and organizations.

Our operations are distributed across three verticals.
1. Democracy Education and Active Citizenship – We currently work with young individuals to build democratic attitude, knowledge around institutions of democracy and non-violent communication. Our first project in this domain is Jagran Youth Parliament. (
2. Incubation of Social Enterprises – We aim to incubate and nurture social enterprises,
providing them with the platform for flourish and make an impact. Our first project in this regard is Janhit Jagran. ( We are setting up the Jagran Centre for Social Enterprise to provide incubation facilities for the winners of Janhit Jagran.
3. Gathering, publishing stories of Hope – We aim to identify and publish stories of individuals, communities and organizations that have found hope in the most challenging times, and support them by networking them with relevant support systems, institutions or individuals.

As a growing organization, Tough Hope offers you an opportunity to work on multiple
projects simultaneously, widening the area of exposure for the candidate.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Design
a. Participating and contributing to the design of the program, the engagement
modules, assessments and reviews.
b. Conducting secondary research to identify case studies in the industry, and
incorporating it in the delivery of the program.

2. Facilitation
a. Facilitating various sessions and forums for the program.
b. Delivering training and feedback to the primary stakeholders, and conducting
various assessments during/post the session.

3. Data Management
a. Monitoring the data gathering activities during the session/forum.
b. Preparing qualitative and quantitative assessment reports as output for the

4. Stakeholder Management and Partnerships
a. Managing communication with local, regional and national stakeholders.
b. Identifying and on-boarding relevant local stakeholders for furthering the
scope of the program.

Skills and Competency Required:
1. Facilitation Skills – The candidate must possess the ability to facilitate the program in both English and Hindi, to the audience of 40-50 young people.
2. Knowledge – Must have first-hand knowledge of various legislative and public policy issues. Must be fluent with Excel and PowerPoint.
3. Stakeholder Management – Must possess good communication (bi-lingual) skills, and ability to manage relation with diverse stakeholders.
4. Open to travel – Must be open to travel for three-four months in a year.

Skills and Competency Preferred:

An additional expertise in any of the following area shall be preferred – Business
Development/Information technology/Expansions.

Perks/Incentives offered:
1. Flexible working hours – The program and team offers you a flexible working environment, with opportunity to work on the go, work from home.
2. Opportunity to travel – With a total travel time of over three months, one gets an opportunity to explore various cities across the nation.
3. High growth environment – Opportunity to work in a fast-paced high growth environment, with opportunity to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Applicants can write to us at with their profiles. The applications are open till 30 May 2017.

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