Curriculum and Course Designer at Callido Learning

About Callido

Callido Learning is a young organization that makes digital, skill-centered learning resources for students from grade 6 to grade 12. Our team is young, competent, open and innovative. Our products are built on the best in learning science and are universally lauded by educators. Our clients include many of the most prestigious schools in the country. Best of all, Callido is growing rapidly to new countries, market sectors, and product lines.

Curriculum and Course Designer

The Curriculum and Course Designer’s role is at the heart of Callido’s product creation process. Your responsibilities will include:
– Creating scripts (the story/game aspect as well as the skill-learning aspect) for interactive modules in accordance with Callido’s and third parties’ frameworks and curricula.
– Working with the animation and production teams to ensure that the final output meets the desired educational and business objectives.
– Clearly documenting the alignment between materials created and the aforementioned frameworks and curricula.
– Working with the delivery team to suggest modifications to the delivery model
– Updating Callido’s skills framework where necessary
– Helping plan the product pipeline and ideating on new features for future products

This is what we’re looking for in you (points relating to experience/qualifications are not hard requirements):
– Demonstrable experience in teaching, curriculum design, or related fields.
– Past work including working within established frameworks to create learning activities with clear learning outcomes, formative assessments, summative assessments.
– Must be able to think in terms of skills, not content. Callido develops transdisciplinary skills, not subject-specific content.
– The ability to work independently or in a team. The former is especially important because as a startup, we will leave you to independent, lightly-overseen projects. The latter is especially important because you will be communicating with animators and programmers who speak very different languages from yours.
– A blend of creativity and rigour in your thinking and problem-solving approaches.
– Adaptability. Things change. Much more so in an innovation-driven startup.
– Willingness to take feedback with a positive mindset.
Strong commitment (to quality and to timelines).

More information
We are located in Lower Parel, Mumbai. You must be willing to travel here.

Compensation will be discussed after we have spoken with you, but we always offer competitive compensation. Please send your resume to

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