Ananda Yana 2017 – The Journey of Joy!

Ananda Yana invites you to a running event on Sunday 4th June 2017 06:00 – 10:00 AM. This is a charitable run being organized in Sarjapur, Bangalore.

Why Ananda Yana

  • To help raise funds to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • To create an event that is affordable to all based purely on cooperation and a spirit of giving
  • To encourage more people to take up running

The children in Ananya, Snehadaan and other schools have shown tremendous changes in their physical ability, health and outlook towards life. Running has instilled a sense of passion and discipline that need not be imposed from outside. Many of the children are at risk – of being victims of substance abuse, child abuse, violence etc. Running has helped bring a positive approach and a boost in confidence. Participating in the events and going for the running trips has brought all the children together. There has been great learning experiences as the children came closer to members of our community. It has even started tying concepts in classroom to running – math problems on running, learning about physiology and how the body works from the perspective of improving performance and health – the list is endless. These running trips and training have been a major educational experience for the children.

You can read more here –

Click on the link for direction:


To just reach ‘break even’ it needs about 650 paid registrations. It has a long way from raising any sort of funds through the event! Please do help out and spread the word!

Click on the link to register online :

More than 50-60% of the registrations are usually from other like minded communities – running groups, companies, apartments etc. It need you support to kindly get your community to be involved. Attached is an excel sheet for bulk registrations that you can use. kindly contact ‘Shiva Prasad <>’. Also note that, you can directly pay in case of group registrations and unlike online registration, there is NO transaction fee associated.


Ananda Yana, unlike any other running event in the country is purely powered by volunteers! We are different from so many running events in so many ways. This is a sacred space where all our differences melt away and we come together for a common cause. The joy of volunteering and contributing to the cause can only be felt by taking part :). Ananda Yana relies heavily on Runners High for its volunteering strength. Volunteers get to do a special volunteer ONLY run on June 3rd, Saturday, so that they can support everyone on June 4th, Sunday. We will need a lot of volunteer support (close to 100-150 volunteers) to conduct the event smoothly. But, so far it has received ONLY 33 responses! Please do read through the form and volunteer for the tasks here –

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