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June 17th-19th or July 7th-9th or July 28th-30th
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IMAGINE the joy of living your dreams by taking your learning in to your own hands. Imagine infusing your work with a sense of service and being a co-creator of a caring new world.
Be a khoji – learn, explore and be a part of a community of life long learners engaged in all this.
Swaraj University is a unique two year self-designed learning program for youth that builds deeper perspectives on self, environment and society. It supports youth to identify their hearts’ vision and build livelihoods true to their talents, dreams and what is needed in the world today.

The last 7 years have been a transformative journey with numerous khojis (learners) of Swaraj University growing in this nourishing environment. Are you ready to reclaim your life, your learning and be a part of a new world?

Come join the journey!

Admissions are now open at Swaraj University for the 8th cohort of khojis (learners) 2017-19.

Mark the dates and attend any one of the upcoming orientations at our Udaipur campus.
June 17th-19th or July 7th-9th or July 28th-30th

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