Job opening for Program Director, GAIT with Fitkids

Fitkids is India’s largest and fastest growing K-12 educational services company with a footprint of over 200,000 students, 200 schools across 46 cities. As an organization our endeavor is to sustainably facilitate holistic development of children through solutions in sports education, creative movement, science and assessments. The programs are holistic and age appropriate for school students of various age groups designed to condition a healthy mind and to keep them active, fit and creative. From making physical activity fun to developing their creative quotient, providing them with experiential learning opportunities and guiding them in making the smartest career choices, FitKids prepares students for excellence in academics as well as facing life challenges in the 21st century.

Fitkids staffs ~450 employees and is a young company with an average age of 28 years. Every individual at Fitkids is here because they want to be part of the change and solution. Each a social change agent in their own right.

GAIT (Grooming Artistic Innovation and Talent) is our creative movement in education programme and is a pioneer in the field of creative movement in education, in India. GAIT assists in the overall development of a child with a focus on creative, physical, cognitive, emotional and social aspects. It uses the language of movement to communicate an idea, an image or a feeling through innovation rather than imitation.  Currently taught to over 25000 children, GAIT is India’s only and largest structured creative movement education program.

Designation: Program Director

We’re looking for a Program Director to join us in making GAIT ( Creative Moevemnt in education) programme  a thought leader in the space of movement and performing arts in education. GAIT is the first of its kind structured creative movement in education curriculum in India, which has been running successfully in schools across the country. We look forward to you creating insights into upgrading and innovating in the curriculum to be the thought leaders in the space. Creating a learning and development space where trainers are constantly improving their skills and also designing modules for teachers outside of our program to be able to access our knowledge. Understanding the need for research, impact study and bring new technological advances in order to scientifically substantiate the work done.

  • Curriculum and Assessment
    • Aligning to standards
    • Quality audit and monitoring trainer’s performance
    • Improving existing units
    • Art and movement
  • Research and Impact
    • Research on creative movement globally
    • Planning for impact study
    • Research paper for publication
  • New Initiative
    • Festival
    • Teacher training
    • Short courses
    • Display team
  • Professional development
    • Self-development through courses
    • Preparing master trainers
    • Employee engagement of QM/RM
  • Team building and Recruitment
    • Active involvement with recruitment
    • Increase HO team
  • Training and documentation
    • Plan for trainers for progressive training
    • Clear documentation and analysis
    • Formalize training more
  • Sales demos and Pitch
  • Teacher/Parent orientations

Those interested, please write to 

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