Summer internship with Auriga

Internship Program: 2017
Project Details
Number of Intern(s) : Three (3)
Project Guide : K G Venkateswaran, Co-Founder and Director
Department / Vertical : Media content analysis
Location : Gurgaon

Project Title
Auriga Consultancy and Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is a social sector advisory firm, providing technical and management support to international and national NGOs. We are conducting a detailed review of editorials, news items and events on reproductive health issues appearing in English, Hindi and Marathi news media (print and broadcasting). We will be hiring three (4) interns – one for broadcasting media, one of English print media and one for non-English print media.

Project Deliverables:
1. Detailed report of media content of news, editorials and events appearing since 2014.
2. Report on stakeholders – identification of individuals, organizations and groups speaking for the topic and against the topic, and their level of influence.
3. Analysis of trends in media reporting reproductive health issues

Pre-work to be done by intern:
The intern should undertake the following prior to starting on this project:
1. Develop a sound understanding on female foeticide, women’s rights and laws related to both foeticide (like PCPNDT Act) and women’s rights (like MTP Act) to reproductive choices.

Duration of the assignment:
Six weeks, starting from June 1, 2017
Recognition and financial remuneration/ stipends:
Interns will be paid a fixed sum stipend on successful completion of the assignments. Auriga will be providing experience certificate to all interns.

Contact information:
For more information, students may contact us at or Dr.Sucheta Bedi on +91.124.4359624

Contact by:
May 31, 2017. Internship vacancies will be filled on first come, first serve basis.

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