Opportunity at XSEED Education

Headquartered in Singapore, with development centers in Delhi and Bangalore, XSEED has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting education companies in the world today.The World Innovation Summit in Education (WISE) recently featured XSEED among path-breaking global innovators in education in its Learning Re-Imagined publication.

XSEED bring 21st century skills to K-8 classrooms and its core capability lies in the learning, teaching, and assessment of K-8 children. Its flagship school program educates close to one million children, through 60,000 re-skilled teachers, in nearly 2,000 schools across India, South-Asia, & Middle-East.

We are currently looking for Education Coaches to join their team in India. 

Role: An Education Coach at XSEED you will be the face of XSEED in 25-50 member schools. You will own high quality academic implementation in schools by coaching teachers in the classroom, resolving implementation challenges and building relationship with school leaders. Specifically, the role requires
● Impart training workshops, demonstration classes, classroom observation with the teachers and orient parents
● Identify, respond to and resolve all academic, servicing and logistical problems in real-time by communicating clearly across all levels
● Communicate and maintain high degree of satisfaction with all stakeholders (Owner, Principal, Teachers, Parents)
● Position the XSEED program value-proposition to retain our school relationship every year and upgrading schools to our full program offering

Desired Skills and Experience: We are looking for skilled passionate educators who have high level of ownership and commitment to quality learning and teaching . You will succeed in this role if you
● Have taught for at least 2-3 years in K-8 grades and preferably in a non-traditional school setting
● Can demonstrate a high quality lesson in the classroom using hands-on, experiential and inquiry based methods
● Can facilitate a training/coaching session for a teacher and parent group
● Can communicate clearly, empathically and assertively, especially with older/more
experienced/skeptical people, must be able to hold your own in challenging situations (say “No” when needed)
● Willing to stretch in a role that requires extensive travel 10-15 days in a month in a 200-250 km radius to tier 2 & 3 towns and high accountability to results
● Highly disciplined in terms of time-management, response time on call/meeting/email and customer service orientation

● Assertive & confident – Ability to state a point openly and say “No” when required but
should be open to ideas and suggestions. Will have to deal with older/more experience/difficult people, must be able to hold their own.
● Ability to learn and un learn and generally should be a thoughtful person

Those interested should write to anustup.nayak@xseededucation.com with a copy to swati.shukla@xseededucation.com

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