Program Manager -Operations with Shiksharth

We @ Shiksharth are looking for individuals who believe change change in India will come from its villages, who are willing to move out of comfort zones and who have been sleepless over the thought of empowering rural communities through education. Shiksharth is looking for co-travellers in its journey to improve the quality of education in tribal and rural areas , develop and implement solutions coming from the ground. We invite applications for the role of Program Manager Operations.

About Shiksharth:

Shiksharth is a not-for-profit organization working towards improving the quality of education in rural and tribal areas through action-based research, design and implementation. Currently we are operational out of the tribal Chhattisgarh in Sukma, South Bastar which has been struggling with Left wing Extremism.  Shiksharth at the core believes in community led model of education and is currently working on ways by which community, its wisdom, culture and customs can be contextually incorporated in classrooms content and pedagogy. Their major focus areas of work are:

  • Creating excellent teaching practices through contextual pedagogy for students in tribal and rural areas.
  • Designing efficient and effective solutions for the government and district education administration to improve the quality of efforts being put in by them.
  • Create a platform for Community to contribute towards the holistic development of the child
  • Create documented repository of tribal history and culture
  • Promote and advocate multilingual education.
  • Empower public education system especially focused on tribal and rural parts of country

Opportunities, roles and responsibilities

Program Manager—Operations
 Work on contextual pedagogy and multi lingual education
 Regular teaching in classrooms to get an understanding of the challenges and ensure implementation
 As part of core team design and implement contextual and academic research along with support to the team members with refer-ence to tribal/rural culture, history, language and customs.
 Work on designing and delivery of teachers training.
 Government Relations:- Working closely with the education department towards implementation of various policies and programs happening at district and state level
 Technical Support to Fellows and on ground staff
 Design, develop and implement engagement plan and roadmap of the work
 Stakeholder ( teachers, government administration, community, children ) relationship management
 Documentation and reporting of progress, outcomes, gaps, best practices, on ground case studies
 Supporting and facilitating school culture
 Prepare interventions and controlled trials based on data collected and analyzed

Who fits in?

Education and other qualifications
 Minimum education qualification – Graduate from a reputed institute
 A degree in education will be preferred
 Minimum of 1 year of relevant experience.
 Experience in classroom teaching or any other relevant experience in curriculum and content development, government relations/set ups , school leadership, teacher development, community engagement, child engagement will attract higher remunerations and bene-fits

Desired Competencies and skills:

 Creative with working with children. Managing teaching and learning process of children
 Passionate about working with children and in school education
 Believer in the power of small change
 Patience, perseverance and humility to work in rural areas
 Willing to adapt to different cultures and eco- system
 Willingness to learn
 Effective project management and time management skills

What is in it for you?

 Working in a tribal/rural region is our best pitch to offer to anyone who wants to understand Indian education inequity along with how the social context of education overpowers the technical solutions we offer. We believe in moving out of our comfort zones to really make an impact.
 Experience of working closely with government
 Understand powerful role of community and use of existing wisdom in public education system.
Apart from the above, the team members do get the following benefits :
 Compensation: 20-30k /- pm . Negotiable on the basis of experience and competency
 Boarding and lodging facilities

Interested people can send their updated CV and cover letter to 

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