Multiple openings at COVA


A National Network for Peace and Justice 

COVA (Confederation of Voluntary Associations) is a national network of voluntary organizations dedicated to the issues of social harmony, peace and justice.  The prime focus of COVA is on citizenship rights and on perspective building for harmony and peace in South Asia. Through direct programmes and by networking with other CSOs, COVA organises perspective building activities and programs, carries out campaigns, and conducts research for influencing diverse sections of civil society and the state apparatus to adopt inclusive, secular and egalitarian outlook and policies that would foster rights and secure justice and peace for all.


  1. Projects Coordinator: Post Graduate Candidates with Minimum 7 Years experience (at least 3 years in senior management position) may apply. Background in social work and advocacy will be preferred. Salary (CTC): Between Rs.40,000 to 50,000 (including  PF,  Gratuity,  Medical Insurance, local travel& other benefits).


  1. Community Outreach Officer: Will be responsible for Programs for schools, colleges and communities. Graduates with good English and own two wheeler may apply. Post Graduates preferred. Salary CTC (including PF, Travel etc)  : upto Rs. 22,000.

Location for both positions: Hyderabad, India.

Interested candidates may apply to by 9th May 2017

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