Senior Associate position at Haqdarshak

About the Organization

Haqdarshak is a social enterprise working to make welfare schemes more accessible to citizens by creating a multi-state, multi-lingual, mobile technology platform that helps citizens discover, apply for, and benefit from, government and private schemes that they qualify for. They can use the platform through a local trained facilitator, the ‘Haqdarshak’, or themselves, on payment of a small service fee, which makes it financially sustainable. The promoters have immense experience in entrepreneurship and grassroots work in this area.

The ‘Haqdarshaks’, as they are called, are people from the community and working on incentive based model where the income is based on number of citizens assisted in availing benefits of schemes. In 2015, we completed our research for States like Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu with a pilot of about 200 families in urban. From 2016 onwards, our focus is directed towards research of schemes for Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Delhi, for Central Government, State Government as well as private schemes.

The organization has entered into multiple partnerships with government (Rajasthan, Haryana) and corporate organizations (Tata Trust, JPAL, Save the Children, Basix, Center for Social Justice (CSJ) amongst many others) to roll out the services. We want to touch a million lives in the next one year through effective use of technology and using network of people of on ground. The organization has won multiple awards indifferent platforms organized by MyGov, Deity, Sankalp Global Innovation forum, TIE Bangalore, Harvard SAI IIT Delhi, amongst others.

Please visit our website to learn more about the organization.

Position : Senior Research / Research Associate.

Selected candidates shall be placed as per degree of relevant work experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

The selected candidate shall be responsible for conducting research on various welfare programs and policies implemented by government and private organizations at all levels. The focus of the research is to understand a scheme from beneficiary perspective and collect information that is critical for him/her to apply for a scheme.

1. Research on welfare programs implemented by Government and Private Institutions for the benefit of the individuals / community and organizations.

2. Prepare easily comprehensible and informative write-ups for all schemes/programme. The Haqdarshak will access this information in communities through a mobile platform to inform citizens about their rights. The research will include online research and interactions with implementing officers in government/private institutions.

3. Support operations team in conducting training of Haqdarshak and resolving on ground queries for schemes/services.

4. Create new channels to popularize and create awareness amongst citizens about various welfare schemes on the portal.

5. Conduct field visits to take citizen feedback and suggestions.

6. Coordinate and work with closely with the product team for digitizing the scheme information along with various documents required.

7. Prepare questionnaire based on scheme eligibility and complete rules engine mapping for same.

8. Routinely update the research with inputs from the operations team and/or any changes if announced by government.

9. Be informed about all important current/upcoming government and private initiatives related to this field.

Qualifications and Skills

1. Minimum graduate (in any discipline)

2. Desired work experience of 1-5years (preferably in related field). The position will vary depending on degree of relevant work experience as mentioned above.

3. Must be well versed with English and local language (read and write) of the State that the candidate is placed at. For eg.) Tamil would be a Must for location in Tamil Nadu.

4. Self- interested and motivated to study about public policies and a research bent of mind. Prior experience is a plus.

5. Determined and motivated to reach targets and meet tight deadlines.

6. Willingness to travel as per requirement including travel to low income communities for close interaction.

7. Need to work in close coordination with the team and the Line Manager.

Job Location

There are openings for the following locations –

Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow), Delhi, Haryana (Rohtak / Panchkula)

Nature of Positions Available for

 Full Time (Employment)
 Part Time Role (Interns – Full time/part time) – Minimum 2 months


 Will be competitive as per market standards and in accordance to the relevant work experience
 Internship– Fixed stipend of Rs. 2.5k – 5k per month

If interested, please drop us an email to your or with your updated CV and a cover letter.

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