An exciting opportunity : Kerala (Waynad) trip, starting from 23rd April

Reach for India, an organization in Wayanad, Kerala are having a week long event where children would be learning from nature and through interacting with village communities via travelling on foot from one village to another.

The organisation would be happy to host some of us who may be interested to join the tour from our University, and in the process add value to the initiative.

Food and lodging would be free of cost.

Although it is a week long initiative, you may choose to be there for selective days.

Incase any of you are interested,  please give a call to Janakiraman @+91 94959 97888.

Date: April 23rd to April 28th 2017

(You can be around for selective days) Just inform us of your visit in advance.

Venue: Padhana Vriksham,

Reach India Foundation , Thettamala, P.O, Wayanad, Kerala 670 731

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