Simple Education Foundation – Teacher role

About SEF:

Simple Education Foundation (SEF) is a not-for-profit organization based in Delhi.

Our vision is to provide an education to all our children that prepares them to navigate through a dynamic and connected 21st century world. We want to do this in a way that is dramatically more effective than the way it is done currently. We aspire to build structures/models that will transform and innovate learning & teaching in our public education system.
In the short term through our projects on the ground, our team works with teachers and students across a set of diverse ecosystems in the country. We work with students towards building student leadership manifested in their classrooms, schools and communities. We work with teachers towards building their knowledge, skills and mindsets that will empower them to in-turn build student leadership.
In the long term, we use our knowledge and experience of the educational realities in these diverse ecosystems to work towards a sustainable and community owned educational reform across the country. We do this through partnering with local leaders and communities, understanding the current reality and then co-creating a hypothesis to tackle the educational inequity in their region.
We are currently working on 4 long-term projects through very different execution models and settings. We believe these diverse experiences will considerably deepen our understanding of educational inequity and help us build reform in different parts of our country.

(I) Paathshala – A teaching project in a rural government school.

(II) Taleem – A teacher training project in an urban conflict zone.

(III) Prayogshala – A community-centre project in a low income urban community.

(IV) The School Network – Operating our own school in a low income urban community.

Why work with us?
We are a committed, passionate and a hungry to learn closely-knit team. The last two years have provided us with a bedrock of ideas, mistakes, learning and hypothesis. We have used this learning to now devise a clear path forward for ourselves and our kids. We believe we are at the cusp of an exciting time now where we can support our children and each other on the team to realise our potential.

About The Role:

At SEF, we believe that Teachers are the pillars of an effective education system. The teacher’s role at SEF, provides an incredible opportunity to redefine effective teaching and learning processes in schools. It is an opportunity to continuously hone your teaching skills while leading a classroom to outstanding outcomes and lead programs that strengthen communities to take ownership of learning in the school, this can be done by running community empowerment programs or through student leadership programs.
One of our USPs is our diversity of projects, so we have teaching opportunities for someone wanting to explore the urban low income communities and we also have opportunities for someone wanting to explore the rural education.
Teachers will report to the Program Leaders directly and will be supported by the Program Leader and the Manager of Learning and Teaching.

Role and Responsibilities

1. Classroom Teaching and Managing
– managing teaching and learning processes in a classroom
– designing and facilitating systems and structures to run an effective and efficient classroom
– setting up a culture in the classroom where all students feel motivated to learn, have fun while learning and feel safe at all times, a place where students want to come

2. Curriculum Design and Facilitation
– designing the plans that they will facilitate in the classroom on a yearly, monthly and daily basis

3. Supporting and Facilitating School Culture (as per project needs)
– supporting and facilitating the school culture this includes taking responsibilities that will come as a part of being in the school team
– organising events and programmes that are part of the school calendar
– take initiatives and design and execute other activities that may be deemed fit from time to time

4. Engaging with the community (as per project needs)
– working closely with the community and empowering them to take ownership of student learning
– designing and facilitating student leadership programs to work on issues in the community
– keeping an open channel of communication with the community in order to strengthen our work

5. Impact Evaluation
– designing assessment tools and tracking student learning data
– analysing data and taking necessary steps to accelerate learning
– administering third party assessments to understand our impact

Knowledge, Skills and Mindsets:
1. Passion for teaching and undying belief in all children
2. Basic understanding of teaching elements like, lesson planning, unit planning, etc
3. Evidence of strong student learning, in case you have taught before.
4. Fluency in English and Hindi
5. Previous experience of teaching elementary classes preferred
6. Knowledge of child psychology and education philosophies
7. Strong communication skills

Minimum Qualification
Graduate in any field with minimum 2 years of teaching experience OR
Fresh Education or Elementary Education Graduates

Location – New Delhi and Gular, Rishikesh
Salary – 260000 INR to 460000 INR

For more details write to :


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