Looking for a Senior Manager, Curriculum & Training at LEAD School, Mumbai

Lead School
411 Dheeraj Heritage, Santacruz (W), Mumbai
Tel: 9833288586, Email id: smita@leadershipboulevard.com

Senior Manager, Curriculum & Training

At Lead School, our Mission is to set up Excellent Affordable Schools in small towns, talukas, and villages in Maharashtra & Gujarat. To achieve this, our HO team does continuous research & curriculum development for our schools, regularly trains teachers to help them execute the curriculum and closely monitors student progress. We are looking for people who are passionate educators and find the idea of taking excellent education to villages inspiring and worth spending time on.

1. Leading curriculum design for Math / Science (Grade 1 – 10)
2. Curating and developing curriculum plans and assessments
3. Designing training modules for teachers
4. Visiting all Lead schools at regular intervals, training teachers, observing classes and ensuring execution of plans as designed.
5. Analyzing student progress and constantly innovating on the plans to fit the needs of students or improving teacher capability to execute plans.
6. Learning from experts on a continuous basis and continuously innovating on our curriculum.

Skills & Qualifications:
1. 4-5 years of experience in working with school students as a teacher, curriculum developer, trainer or co-ordinator.
2. A teacher who has strong evidence of student progress, particularly middle school math.
3. Experience of training teachers and supporting their learning.
4. Bachelor’s degree with Math / Science as a subject.

Selection Process
2 interviews
Creation of Sample lesson plans

Reference checks

Salary Range
Appropriate package depending on expertise and experience

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