Cluster Head at LEAD School, Delhi

411 Dheeraj Heritage, Santacruz (W), Mumbai
Tel: 9833288586, Email id:

Delhi – Cluster Head

At Lead School, our Mission is to empower India by making excellent education, accessible and affordable to every child. To bring our mission to life, we set-up and operate our own LEAD schools in rural areas and partner with other APS and Govt. schools in urban areas. Each school needs an Academic Coordinator to mentor teachers and drive learning outcomes.
LEAD Schools is now setting up operations in NCR in partnership with South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). Under this project, LEAD Schools will manage SDMC Schools with the twin objectives of improving learning outcomes and increasing enrolments in these schools. In Academic Year 2017-18, we’ll begin with 4 SDMC schools and slowly increase our presence in subsequent years.

For our NCR operations, we are looking for a Cluster Head:

1. Lead a cluster of school teams to achieve:
• Target student learning outcomes
• Enrolments and
• Attendance at target schools.
(School teams will comprise Academic Coordinators, community leads, teachers and non teaching staff – overall team size will range from 26 to 75 people).
2. Liaison with key stakeholders in managing their expectations, timely reporting and building support
and enthusiasm for LEAD Schools’ efforts in SDMC Project. Key stakeholders will include but not be limited to: The Education Alliance, SDMC, Villgro
3. Coordinate with LEAD School HO Team to ensure:
• Timely delivery of plans and resources and timely training interventions for school teams.
• Any unresolved issues are resolved.
4. Build relationship with School Principals as a port of call for resolution of any unresolved issues with Academic Coordinators.
5. Lead growth of LEAD School in NCR cluster by identifying opportunities for partnerships with other APS’s, other govt. schools and opportunities for own LEAD school.
6. Build LEAD School’s equity as an operator of excellence by sharing student progress, teacher adherence and enrolment growth and by exploring other avenues.

Skills & Qualifications:
1. Entrepreneurial, self-directed and result oriented. Strong demonstrated results in previous roles.
2. High level of integrity
3. Experienced in managing teams (ideally, 2 levels down) with a work experience of 8-10 years.
4. Been in education in multi-site setups (Regional Coordinators of School chains or Zonal Heads of school service providers, Head of School of large schools)
5. Should have experience of either teaching students or training teachers

Selection Process
(i) 2 interviews (at least one face to face)                                    (ii) Reference checks

Salary Range
Rs. 95,000 – 100,000 p.m.

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