Discussion on ‘Education for Sustainability’ on Sat, 8th April 2017

Join in for a vibrant discussion on ‘education for sustainability’, on Sat, 8th of April 2017.  Earth Friendly Choices – 8th Edn


‘Education for Sustainability’

Welcome to the 8th Edition of ‘Earth Friendly Choices’, and to another weekend morning of sharing and vibrant discussions on how to create a more sustainable world, a world that we could leave livable for future generations, and what choices we could make as individuals and communities to enable that.

In this edition, we explore the importance of ‘Sustainability’ in the agenda of education!  For, if sustainability is not made the central focus of all education, we just might end up being a population that has no planet to live on, very soon!  And this is very REAL!

Let’s analyse how the public education system that separated us from nature, has resulted in the kind of myopic world we have built…..and the price we have paid as a result, with broken cities, ravaged forests, dried up rivers, and a looming mass extinction on earth!

Could we infuse education with ‘sustainability’, so that a new generation of humans seek answers, and learn to live at balance with nature, and revive and heal the planet earth?

Come and find out!

Mark your calendar, this Saturday, 8th April 2017, 9 am – 1 pm.

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