Opportunity with Wassan in Odisha

We believe that natural food systems and integrated farming practices of adivasi farmers  especially in rainfed tracts are in danger. Their traditional food systems and cultural practices closely associated with crops are slowly disappearing.    These changes are having profound effect , in most cases , not a good one. Adivasi farmers are also becoming... Continue Reading →

Experience sharing..

APU is that one place that changed my life in a very big way. I had read Economics before that at the number one college in the country. While everyone around me at that time was focused on getting the highest paying jobs at banks, I found myself disillusioned with the world...particularly the idea of... Continue Reading →

Opening for change makers in Education Fellowship with SCERT

Fellows will work closely with SCERT, the Department of Education, NGO partners and stakeholders in programmes and will be responsible for assisting and ensuring implementation by providing leadership and programme management skills, monitoring and evaluation support, leading high-quality documentation and assisting with troubleshooting as needed. o    Stipend: Rs. 40,000/month o    Time Commitment: 1 year full-time with... Continue Reading →

E-base Kodagu: Fellowship Opens

E-base Kodagu is an open and creative learning space that aims to serve as a hub to empower children to become guardians of their natural heritage. Nestled in the lush western ghats, surrounded by coffee plantations, elephant corridors, and forests alike, E-base Kodagu is in Titimati, not far from the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. The E-base also runs an annual Fellowship Program bringing... Continue Reading →

Translators required

We are searching  translators for one important workshop on 'free trade agreements' which is happening in Bengaluru on April 2&3. We are in need of English - Kannada, English - Telugu, English - Tamil translators. This is a paid work. It will be an great and interesting opportunity to learn more on FTAs and other... Continue Reading →

Enabling Suaba with Light and Education

First published in TERI (TERRAGREEN, MARCH 2017) by Ms Paromita Pain It is hard to find the Suaba village of Odisha on maps. Suaba had little access to electricity for a long time and the only school in the village had been dysfunctional for years. Paromita Pain highlights the pioneering efforts of Varun Sharma who helped... Continue Reading →

Roles for Alumni of Azim Premji University

For Alumni with 3-6 years of relevant work experience 1) Manager, City Government Relations - Bengaluru - Details here 2) Manager - Development (Fundraising) and Communications - Pune - Details here 3) Manager, Fellowship Selection - Mumbai - Details here For Alumni with 1-3 years of work experience 1) Associate - College/Corporate Recruitment and Outreach... Continue Reading →

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