Policy Bootcamp: Summer School in Public Policy and Leadership

Inviting Applications for Policy Bootcamp 2017 : A Launchpad for Aspiring Public Leaders and Policy Enthusiasts

Policy Bootcamp is a flagship program of Vision India Foundations aimed at training young leaders in public policy and governance. Bootcamp is a unique opportunity for policy enthusiasts to engage with diverse leaders in this space and find out career paths.Policy Bootcamp is a certification program on public policy.

Program Highlights:

– 21 day immersive residential program in Delhi/NCR
– Learn: The Program focuses on Comprehensive Learning and Career opportunities in    Public Policy & Public Leadership.
– Engage: Engagement opportunities to collaborate and work on live projects with            State Govts., Members of Parliament, Bureaucrats, Think-Tanks, Subject Experts,        Panchayats and other High-Impact Leaders.
– Experience: Field Visits to Villages, Slums, Urban Centers, and Community        interactions to develop a panoramic understanding.
– Ideate: Focused Group Discussions and Activities to work on policy problems, proposals and more.
– Connect: Live, Laugh, Learn and Connect with a diverse community of people        passionate about making a difference.

Date: 3rd-23rd June, 2017

Priority Deadline: 12th March, 2017 | Selections on a rolling basis!

Find out more at www.visionindiafoundation.com/bootcamp/

You may write to bootcamp@visionindiafoundation.com in case of any queries.

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