Job Opening at FII: Digital Editor

We are looking for a full-time person, based out of or willing to move to New Delhi, for the post of Digital Editor at FII. This position would require you to handle digital, social and multimedia tasks of the organisation and is based out of our office in New Delhi.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Conceptualising and editing short infographic videos for social media.
  2. Exploring podcasts and other audio-visual content from pre to post production.
  3. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud and other social media platforms to engage with and build our community.
  4. Sending engaging emails to thousands in FII’s community and communicating with them on topics that matter.
  5. Strategizing with our editorial team to ensure that all content shared is best suited for the platform it is shared on.
  6. Reviewing and analyzing FII’s social media insights to drive more impact, and rethink and experiment with strategy.
  7. Identify stories to cover and curate meaningful content from social media for the FII website.
  8. Support FII’s campaigns and engagements through social media and think of diverse ways of representing this content for the FII audience.
  9. Write on issues of intersectional feminism and participate in groups, conferences and events as an FII representative.
  10. Contribute to other admin tasks and FII’s on-ground events as and when required.
  11. Weekend, night and holiday work might be required on a case to case basis.


  1. Understanding FII’s work and its editorial, intersectional feminism and how it functions in the Indian context.
  2. Social media skills and at least 1-2 years of experience at an online publication.
  3. Working knowledge of Premiere Pro, iMovie, Movie Maker or similar video making software.
  4. A knack for social media and motivation to further FII’s social presence and reach.
  5. A sense of ethical journalism, i.e. what kind of language to use, pictures to feature, especially when writing about sensitive issues.
  6. A news junkie who is interested in exploring news angles that the traditional media avoids/ignores.
  7. Excellent writing and editing skills.
  8. Initiative-taking abilities to pitch new ideas, think outside the box and innovate when it comes to content and content representation.
  9. Ability to stay organized, meet deadlines, and work well with the team.

How to Apply

    1. Send your CV at
    2. A cover letter answering the questions below:
  • Your experience, interest and availability
  • Why do you wish to apply for this post?
  • What are some of the changes in terms of strategy and mode of operations that can be made in order to make FII a more amplified, diverse and intersectional feminist voice in India?
  • Current CTC and expected CTC (Remuneration will be based on experience and qualification of the applicant).

Deadline: February 28

About FII

Feminism In India is an award-winning feminist media organisation with intersectional feminism at its core praxis. It aims to learn, educate and develop a feminist consciousness among the youth. It is required to unravel the F-word and demystify all the negativity surrounding it. FII amplifies the voices of women and marginalized communities using tools of art, media, culture, technology and community.

*Feminism in India is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages people from marginalized communities to apply.

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