Tejasvita Trust: Program Director

Tejasvita Trust:

Tejasvita is focused on identifying and nurturing talented but underprivileged children, who may otherwise never realize their potential due to lack of proper exposure during their early years.Our long-term idea is to plan intervention programs in three age groups: ages 3 – 6, ages 6 -13 and ages 13 – 18. We are currently running our pilot program for 3 – 6 years age group with a total of 110 children, at two low income private schools in South Bangalore. The children are provided exposure across multiple faculties through our regular holistic interventions in their classrooms.

For more information regarding our current program and team, please visit our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TejasvitaTrust and http://www.tejasvita.org.

We are currently looking for a Program Director to run the operations and look into the scaling of our pilot program.

Position name: Program Director

• Develop working partnerships and long term relationships with the selected low income
private schools
• Oversee Tejasvita’s curriculum development for these schools
• Oversee the implementation of Tejasvita’s curriculum in the schools
• Hire teachers to work with the children at these low income private schools
• Coordinate training programs for Tejasvita teachers
• Implement assessment process that measures the progress of the children in various
developmental areas in consultation with the teachers
• Develop and implement a parental engagement program
• Research funding options for Tejasvita, develop relationships with potential funders to
secure funding.
• Publicize about Tejasvita in various forums
• Research options for placing talented children in good primary school programs
• Meet with the Tejasvita leadership team on a regular basis to report progress of the
program and the children. Suggest improvements in the program and activities as

Desired qualifications and experience:
• Master’s degree in Social Work or Education or Business Administration.
• Extensive experience implementing and scaling medium to large scale projects
• At least 3 years experience working with children in a child-friendly environment.
• Good understanding of child-centric education philosophy and how children learn.
• Fluency in Kannada and English
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

If you are interested in this position, please contact us at
Email: tejasvita.org@gmail.com

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