Job Title: Head of Programmes
Location: Mumbai
Employment Type: Permanent, Full time, 6 days a week Reporting to: CEO
Application Deadline: 22nd February 2017


Apni Shala Foundation  is a young and vibrant organisation having its roots in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. It was started by 3 TISS alumni in 2013. The organisation has been working towards providing the best experiential learning platforms to children from low income communities with the aim to develop life skills. Apni Shala’s vision is to equip all children with the attitudes and skills they need to bring about positive change in themselves and in society.

Apni Shala has engaged more than  4500  children in  Mumbai and across the country,  and has offered life skills  education  programmes  to  over  30  schools  and  organisations. Our  core  programmes  are  aimed  at engaging children, parents and teachers. Apni Shala is funded by institutional grants, individual donations and other revenues.


Apni  Shala  envisions  providing  access  to  fun  filled,  creative  and  experiential  life  skills  education  to  all children across the age group of 9 to 15 years, from vulnerable backgrounds. The Head of Programmes plays  a  major  role  in  realizing  this  vision.  Reporting  to  the  Chief  Executive  Officer  (CEO),  the  Head  of Programmes  will  be  responsible  for  the  development  and  management  of  children  and  teachers’ programmes at Apni Shala. This will include overseeing the coordination and administration of all ongoing programmes including planning, designing, staffing, leading and organizing programme activities.

JD: apnishala_jd_headofprogrammes_140217

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