Why Gandhi is relevant today?

Source: http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31806&articlexml=Write-why-Gandhi-is-relevant-today-and-win-22012017005028

Here’s an opportunity for those who believe in the Gandhian philosophy to attend the Gandhi International Conference in London.The fellowship for the youth is organized by the University College London (UCL) to mark the 70th year of Indian Independence and the United Kingdom’s celebration of the UKIndia Year of Culture.

The applicants must write a 1,000-word essay on `Why is Gandhi relevant in the 21st century and how can he be made more relevant?’ and submit it by February 19, 2017. The essays will be rated by a panel of experts and the five winners will be selected by March 1.

Narinder Kapur, visiting professor of neuropsychology at the research department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology in the University College Lon don, told TOI: “The five winners will be awarded the Gandhi Fellowship worth £1,000 to cover travel, visa and three night’s accommodation in London and take part in the conference. The essays will be displayed at the Gandhi Exhibition in London conference.“

The objective is to raise awareness on the London conference in India and its Gandhian themes, and encourage Indian youth to express their ideas. “The conference will explore how the Gandhian values and ideals can be made relevant to the current issues, so that we can make the world a better place,“ said Prof Kapur.

The event include talks by experts from across the world, exhibition of frugal innovation healthcare items and unique photographs of Gandhiji, and interactive sessions like Gandhi Quiz, Citizenship Quiz, Altruism Quiz and Moral Judgments Quiz.


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