Director – Projects @Society for Labour and Development

Location: Delhi | sld.recruitments(at)

The Society for Labour and Development’s mission is to help build a democratic society free from exploitation and discrimination. The SLD engages in its work through a collaborative and networking method, using a variety of strategies, cross-cutting issues and sectors, but with a focus on the rights of workers and marginalized people.

• Manage one or more projects
• Participate in recruiting suitable persons for research and related activities
• Make a detailed time-table for project activities, including research, and advocacy
• Coordinate the project activities and the relevant teams
• Coordinate procurement of equipment and materials for project activities
• Manage regular expenditures of the projects
• Plan and implement selected activities directly
• Prepare reports, periodically as required to be submitted to funding and other agencies
• Coordinate with the accountant the maintenance of accounts and the fulfillment of statutory requirements as under FCRA and the Societies Act
• Meet with and report to the Project Advisory Committees as required

Skills Required
• Experience in project management with non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
• Experience in reporting and communicating with funders; and in fundraising
• Excellent interpersonal skills and commitment to building a collective spirit
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
• Good knowledge of Hindi
• Excellent organizational skills
• Excellent computer skills
• Ability to work in a team and be self-motivated
• Ability to orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal
• Ability to use resources effectively and efficiently
• Interest and commitment to labour and human rights and social justice issues

• Graduate or Post-graduate with minimum 5 years experience in management




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