Karvan 2016

Hello everyone!

We hope that things are going smoothly.

Karvan is the student-run annual magazine of Azim Premji University. The purpose of this magazine is to create a platform where all members of the university are invited to showcase their creative side. The magazine curates memories of the academic year gone by through pictures, artwork, poetry and other forms of narratives, and is a treasured document for many people.

This year, the theme of the magazine is kaleidoscope. The editorial team has worked hard to compile a magazine that is truly reflective of the diverse backgrounds that we all come from. It is filled with colourful entries, speaking about a variety of things, including important social issues, personal experiences, field stories, etc. It is also a short recap of the exciting year that we have all been through. For the first years, it is a glimpse into what the previous year looked like. For the second years and the outgoing batch, it is a chance to relive our most cherished experiences; a chance to let ourselves be enveloped by nostalgia.

Note that this year, in the spirit of going green, we have chosen to circulate E-copies of the magazine. However, physical copies of the same will be available to all those who wish to have one with themselves. The contributors will definitely be getting their own personal copies once they return. If you wish to have one too, please write back to us by January 2nd 2017, and we will ensure that a copy is kept aside for you.

As the new term draws closer, we will open up applications to form a new editorial team very soon. We will work with you to make sure that the spirit of Karvan lives on. We hope that you are excited about capturing your college life through the written word.

Lastly, we have spent several sleepless nights to see this magazine come alive. It has been a very fulfilling experience. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this magazine as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

If you have any feedback or comments, please write to us at editorialclub@apu.edu.in


The Editorial Team




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