Workshop on Sustainable Living

Workshop on Sustainable Living at Samagama, Chikbalapur on the 3rd of Dec, 2016. @ Samagama, Chikballapur, Karnataka.

Facilitated by T. Vijayendra, a marxist-anarchist activist and educator in the field of building fossil fuel free communities in India. You can read some of his work at is an informal network of individuals and organisations concerned by the converging global environmental crises, from climate change to resource depletion to pollution and deforestation. The group seeks to spread awareness about these crises and also explore alternative pathways in India. They periodically hold residential ‘eco camps’ for city dwellers who seek a more sustainable way of living, and also help organize talks, lectures and other events on issues related to sustainability. They also compile and publish information on the various crises and alternatives through their website,

With support from Grama Seva Sangha, a group of like-­minded individuals willing to participate in dialogue and activities that intend to bridge the widening gap that exists between cities and villages. Through organizing study circles and regular visit to rural areas, it helps the city youth to take up constructive work in villages through various organizations already working in key sectors. Through this programme, the city youth learn simple living and sustainable practices from the villagers and in turn share their entrepreneurial skills, hence it acts as a two-­way exchange.

In case of any queries please contact +91-9741727014


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