Operations Head for Ugam Education Foundation

Ugam partners with teachers and parents to ensure that children and schools in rural areas are engaged, energized and self-respecting.
Ugam was born in July 2015. Ugam’s work in situated in rural Hazaribag, Jharkhand. We currently run 9 after school remedial centers with 18 teachers reaching out to around 500 children from grades 2,3 and 4. In addition we also work with 5 government schools in the same area with 10 teachers and an additional 250 children.  Our intervention primarily includes supporting teachers through training, observation and feedback and giving them daily lesson plans for math, english and hindi. We have just started our engagement with parents and SMCs.
Ugam aspires to reach out to more teachers and children as well as parents.
We are very keen to recruit a person with about 3-4 years experience on the ground preferably in education for our operations in Hazaribag
The JD is attached. Please get in touch with: lopagandhi@gmail.com for correspondence.
jd-ops ]

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