Date: 22nd November, 2016
Day: Tuesday
Time: 5.30 PM – 7.00 PM

Venue: Alternative Law Forum, #122/4, Infantry Road, Bangalore- 560001

PUCL- Bengaluru invites you to a talk by Ms. Claire McFarlane, survivor, anti-rape activist of ProjectBRA. Claire has a story of survival. After her attack in 1999, Claire knew that her horrific story would have a deeper purpose and serve to help others. Her story has become something bigger. By sharing publicly and campaigning, Claire has been able to make some small, yet lasting changes for survivors of rape in France, Australia and Switzerland. Claire has always dreamt of becoming a professional adventurer and by using her own story of survival, she has now set her sights on making a difference at a global level.
ProjectBRA, a global beach run for awareness, will serve to give a voice to women who have been raped, remove the taboo around rape and raise funds for healing programs in every single country that Claire runs (over 180).

Claire just concluded her run on the beaches of Udupi, Karnataka. She will be with us on Tuesday. We hope that you will join hands with Claire in her global campaign of peaceful action to remove the taboo around rape.