Women Startup Programme by NSRCEL

NSRCEL is organizing the women statrup program.Please find enclosed the details of the program.

The ‘Women Startup Programme’ is designed for women to develop entrepreneurial skill sets to help with the ideation stage. The programme will also enhance their managerial skill sets that will help them to start and grow their venture. It will enthuse aspiring entrepreneurs to systematically think through their venture idea. The initiative has been carefully designed to facilitate the growth of women entrepreneurs in India by providing

  • In-depth training in nurturing managerial and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Mentoring and advice through a panel of reputed mentors; and
  • Incubation and modest financial support for top business plans.
  • The course enables participants to be better decision makers, while helping them strategize and progress their businesses sustainably.

Eligibility: Any woman with entrepreneurial idea

Program Fee: Free*

*supported by Goldman Sachs

REGISTER HERE (Last date to apply 14th November, 2016)

Click here for Programme details

For additional information, write to nsrcel@iimb.ernet.in


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