The Science Academies (Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru; Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi; The National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad) is inviting application for fellowship programme. Since 1995, the Academy has been running the Summer Research Fellowship programme that is now (since 2007) an activity of the three national Science Academies of the country. So far, about 11060 students and 1280 teachers have availed the SRF that enables them to spend a couple of months in research laboratories all over the country.

Applications from students and teachers are now being received. The last date for receipt of applications is 30 November 2016, and we hope to offer the SRF to about 2000 students and teachers next year.

A copy of the application format, instructions to applicants including eligibility criteria, and a list of names of scientists/faculty who have consented to guide students/teachers to work on short-term projects is displayed online. [;; or].

From this year onwards it has start a new effort in the same direction, the Focus Area Science Technology Summer Fellowship (FAST-SF). The purpose of this effort is to enhance the spread of Science and Technology in specific areas. In 2017 the focus will be on the North Eastern States of the country and the FAST-SF will be for students and teachers working in North-Eastern States. Application should be submitted online through website

About 200 Fellowships will be offered to students/teachers working or studying in these states.  The last date for receipt of applications is 15 December 2016. The focus will shift each year to different geographical regions or to different subject areas. Suggestions for future focus areas are very welcome!

For any detail/correspondence please contact:

The Coordinator

Summer Research Fellowship Programme/Focus Area Science Technology Summer Fellowship (FAST-SF)

Indian Academy of Sciences

C V Raman Avenue


Bengaluru 560 080

Tel : (080) 2266 1207, 2266 1202, 2266 1221

Fax : (080) 2361 6094