Teacher Sharing @ Riad Foundation

The Teacher Sharing Session is an informal gathering of teachers, parents and educators and the event is usually conducted on the first Sunday of every alternate month.  These sessions provide a platform to those who have been trying out an idea in the educational space, whether in the classroom, teaching community or even spaces outside educational institutions.  Through such sharings the speakers get a chance to present what has worked, what has not, what are the challenges and many more interesting insights.  Also, it gives the audience an opportunity to question these creative ideas and have a dialogue on the same.

While the Riad Foundation sources most of the speakers for these events, we also keep the opportunity open for those who want to speak by providing them an online process of sharing an abstract on what they would like to talk about.

Experiences at a Bridge School
Josephdeyone Jacobi (M A Education, 2011-13) – Learning Center Coordinator and Educator
At the Learning Community the team is trying to learn and find solutions to issues of school dropouts among migrant children in Kodathi, Sarjapur road area in Bangalore. This is a sharing of the three different angles of the journey so far; 1.The starting of the ‘bridge center’ for school drop outs, 2. Glimpses into the lesson plans used at the center for newcomers and 3. Intended future plans and engagements.
VIDEO (http://riadmahmood.com/?p=336#more-336)


What the study of Humanities and Language is teaching me
Kalpana Aravamuthu (M A Education, 2011-13) – Freelance Educator
Grades 8 and 9 chose to study a few NCERT chapters from the set – India and the Contemporary World- during the 2015-2016 academic year. It started with the French and Russian revolution, and moved on to the First World War, and the Second World War. This talk is a reflection on what the study of History and Language taught the teacher and taught, with specific reference to the events mentioned above.


Designing Open Spaces for Creating New Futures
Lakshmi Hariharan (M A Education, 2014-16)– Chairperson, Srushti Srushti Performing Arts & Communication Center
Designing open spaces for creating new futures using arts and emergent design processes, in the context of educational change”, is an outcome of a research and independent study, undertaken by her at Azim Premji University, under guidance of professors, Mr. Shashi Nair and Ms. Jane Sahi. The arts processes, which are designed to open spaces for dialog, lead to such spaces becoming transformative, triggering action for change.
VIDEO (http://riadmahmood.com/?p=416#more-416)

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