Job Openings at Haqdarshak

We are a social enterprise working towards increasing awareness and accessibility of various government and private welfare programs. We are looking for people who are interested to work in social sector and particularly in public policy domain. Openings are for people interested to work on full time and part time basis. The role will involve conducting research on various welfare schemes implemented by government and private organizations from a citizen’s point of view.

Job Description of the positions we are looking for as well as the locations (Scroll to bottom).

Organisation brief:

Haqdarshak is a multilingual mobile technology platform that helps citizens avail benefits of government and private schemes. We are a registered company, with our presence in multiple states. We have developed a mobile-based platform for collecting the family/citizen information and identifying the eligible schemes based on the profile information. It is a comprehensive solution that allows:

(a) Citizens get the benefit of government programs and schemes they are entitled to;

(b) Panchayats and other local governments to learn of, and apply for programs that they can use to serve their communities. The revenue model is based on a service fee from beneficiaries

We are the proud winners of winners of the NASSCOM social innovation Forum, 2016 and also the Anthah:Prerna, TIE, 2016 along being the ranked amongst the top slots at the Harvard SAI IIT Delhi, 2016, Innovate for Digital India Challenge (organised by CIIE,, Intel and Deity) and also the Global Innovations under the Sankalp Forum, 2016.

Selected candidates will be offered CTC between Rs. 3.0 lakh p.a. (fresher) to Rs. 6.0 lakh p.a. (depending on relevant experience). For interns, a fixed stipend of Rs. 5000 shall be offered.

I would request if you can circulate the attached job requirement amongst the students who may be interested in this opportunity. As seen in the suitability of the JD, request you to circulate the same for fresh batches as well as Alumni.

jd_haqdarshak_research-0ct2016 ]


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