Supply chain specialist at Vrutti (for Zaheerabad, Telangana)

Vrutti is currently looking out for supply chain specialist to be based at Zaheerabad. We are looking for people from AP  and Telangana only as these individuals will need to be based and work from Zaheerabad only.

The SCS will be entrusted with the following responsibilities:

*Assess Production Potential of each FEFC and identify commodities for trading and enterprise

*Conduct full Value Chain Analysis of identified Commodities and build Business Plan and strategies taking into consideration the different seasons and commodities/produce

*Consult relevant stakeholders for identifying business challenges and gaps and design plans/strategies to overcome

* Training and preparing FEFC team and the FPC teams for the relevant trading and/or enterprise development

* Contacting Buyers, Vendors for building partnerships based on the produce/products available in different seasons

* Building procurement protocols, MOUs etc. in consultation with the VruttiOffice

* Provide end-to-end support for enterprise development, trading and supplychain exploration

* Document the different supply chain activities and provide reports of the FEFC based on same to the stake-holders and report to Vrutti periodically.

* Participate in relevant conferences, workshops, summits, seminars and training

* Regular Networking to build Vrutti/FEFC/FPC image in Supply Chain

* Support the CEO FPCs in the Business Development of the FPCs

* Support the CEO FPCs in the supply chain logistics – storage, transport, etc and ensure a coordinated action to ensure seamless operations.

Please Note: The SCS will be employed by Vrutti and deputed to the FEFC. Once the FEFC business is stabilized/carved out with reasonable traction and a separate legal entity established, the SCS will move into the rolls of the FEFC.


Do you match up to our requirements?

You will, if you are:

* First and foremost, passionate, energetic, pro-active and committed to the concept of Rural Development through market integration and professional management

* Self-Starter with a passion for taking lead and building enterprises out of the given ecosystem.

* Solid understanding of Agri-business and Agricultural Markets with good result-oriented style of working

* Interested to work with rural communities, people from varying backgrounds,demographic characteristics and educational levels

* Willing to engage with a large variety of stakeholders like processors, Retailers, Corporate, traders, input suppliers, government officials, administrative officials, field staff and farmers to create value for farmers

* Willing to stay in cluster level at rural locations and willingness to work in low-resource environments

* Willing to travel extensively by bus/two-wheelers/public transport and preferably should own/have two wheeler

* Work while understanding and building capacities of all Team-members

* Sharp and good oratory skills preferably with Multi-language skills.

* Willing to learn and adapt

S.S. Manjula

Catalyst Management Services Pvt Ltd
#36, Vinayaka Layout, Boopsandra Main Road, 

+91-9342468330 |  


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