15th National Conference of Women’s Studies, 22-25 January 2017 @ University of Madras, Chennai

We are preparing for the XV National Conference of Women’s Studies to be held at the University of Madras in Chennai from 22nd to 25th January, 2017.

The concept Note for the Conference, whose central theme is Women in a Changing World: Restructured Inequalities, Countercurrents, and Sties of Resistance may be read on/downloaded from the IAWS website at http://iaws.org/concept-note/

Details of the sub-themes of the conference are available athttp://iaws.org/sub-themes/

Apart from 13 sub-themes for which there is an open call for papers, six plenary sessions have been planned. These include the inaugural (Inaugural Address, Presidential Address, Madhuri Shah Memorial Lecture), the Conference theme plenary, a South Asia plenary on changing contours of paid and unpaid work, a special Tamil Nadu state plenary with a focus on Caste and Gender, a round table discussion on Women’s Studies Centres, and a special plenary to observe 35 years of IAWS. We will inform you of the detailed programme for the plenaries, once all our invited speakers have confirmed.

Apart from the plenaries, there are two special panel discussions have been planned. One is on Women with Disabilities, and one is being jointly organised with the Indian Society for Labour Economics (ISLE) on Social Security and Informalisation of Work.

I am happy to also inform you that Mallika Sarabhai will be performing ‘Sita’s Daughters’ at the conference.

On behalf of the EC of the IAWS, may I request you to join us in this conference and to call on your students/colleagues/friends/associates who share an interest in women’s studies, gender perspectives, and support the equality agenda to also participate. We would appreciate a line from you informing us of your participation, which will help us make arrangements for board lodging, and conference venue requirements.   Please forward this mail to other  interested persons.


In solidarity,

Indrani Mazumdar

General Secretary (2014-17)



Indian Association for Women’s Studies


25 Bhai Vir Singh Marg

New Delhi-110001

E.mai: iaws.secretariat@gmail.com

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