Location: Ranchi

Organisation (s)

This is a 2-year contractual position with PRADAN.

Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) is a public service organization registered under Society Act XXI of 1860. PRADAN has been working towards improving livelihoods across seven of the poorest states in the country, through formation and promotion of Self Help Groups (SHGs) since 1987. Presently, PRADAN has been exploring how to leverage the Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) towards sustainable change and development.

Anode Governance Lab is a Bangalore based organisation engaged in developing solutions for improved governance in institutions, applying management and organisation development principles. The team at Anode has been working with rural local governments (Gram Panchayats) over the last few years, understanding systemic challenges and arriving at possible responses towards strengthening last mile service delivery and governance.

Incumbent will have administrative reporting to Integrator, Pradan, Ranchi and functional reporting to Director, Anode Governance Lab.

The Team

A Governance team comprising PRADAN and Anode professionals are jointly initiating a two-year pilot program to work closely with 25 Gram Panchayats (covering approximate population of 1 Lakh) in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand, to map existing capacities, and launching activities and programs for improved institutional performance and enhanced capacities of elected members and office bearers. The team will also work closely with other partners towards building foundations of civic literacy among citizens to enable them to work in tandem with the local government for overall socio-economic development of their constituency.

The team will be responsible for conceptualising and delivering the Governance strengthening project, developing and implementing interactive tools developed on foundations of knowledge of systemic challenges and enablers. This requires extensive research as well as working with multiple stakeholders such as elected members and office bearers at Gram, Block and District Panchayats, SHG collectives and other civil society organisations.  Strategic understanding of direction set by Union and State Governments will help leverage existing resources. Our work aims to shape the approach for building effective grassroots institutions eventually leading to improvement in last mile service delivery and human development indicators.

Your Opportunity

You will be at the core of operations at the State based in Ranchi, as link between the program management team in Bangalore and the implementation team in 3 blocks in Gumla, Kodarma and Hazaribagh districts. You will work closely with the Bangalore team towards development of training and implementation tools bringing in your understanding of legal and operational framework in the State, as well as your perception of suitability for the target group, viz the panchayat members and other stakeholders. You will guide the field team in a way that they immerse themselves in the activities and struggles of the panchayats and implement tools to develop in them a continuous learning and empowering environment. You will establish and maintain strategic relationships with key stakeholders in the State, including officials of the government, civil society organisations and other partners, endeavouring to understanding their mandates and channelizing resources towards the best interest of strong grassroots governance.

Your Responsibilities

You will

  • Manage and drive governance project in the State: project timelines, resources and budgets and prepare project MIS
  • Lead facilitation, implementation, data analysis and documentation related to project steps: Context setting, GP Organisation mapping, Visioning and goal setting, Process reengineering, Setting in place accountability mechanisms and ensuring effective planning and monitoring processes, in continuous interaction with Panchayats, other institutions and citizens.


  • Establish relationships and work closely with Panchayat Raj and Rural development department, GoJ, its different units such as Decentralisation, NREGA and Planning cells, as well as line departments such as Drinking Water and Sanitation, Social Welfare etc. to share project learnings, seek advice and inputs and when required, enable issue of appropriate advisories and government orders
  • Develop understanding of legal statutes, rules and regulations of PR Act and allied laws impacting panchayats
  • Develop sound understanding of programs of PRADAN and partner with SHG collectives to build a sturdy cohort of change facilitators for the governance strengthening program.
  • Participate and provide inputs for design of intervention steps and tools and take lead in planning and designing processes to implement initiatives in the field
  • Identify key stakeholders and establish good working relationships with elected members and office bearers at different levels, creating a ripe environment for advocacy of learnings and findings
  • Work as a team with all partners towards optimal achievement of project goals

Our Ideal Candidate

You are keen to partake in the systemic shifts towards improving development and governance goals. You have strong planning and organising, facilitation, communication, interpersonal, problem solving, documentation and data analysis skills. You have a keen sense of learning and pay attention to details and formulate effective actions plans to resolve issues. You are a people’s person with ease in teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution. You assume independent responsibility for results and deliverables. You build relationships at different levels and represent the organisation in different forums and meetings

Your Qualifications

You hold a Bachelor’s / Masters or an equivalent degree, preferably in development, social work and/or management.  You come with 12+ years of program management, with 3 to 5 years in implementation of development and capacity building initiatives at district or village level in any sector such as health education, water etc. You should have managed resources, both finance as well as people. You should have worked with the government system at State or district level preferable in fields such as governance, decentralization, public policy, local development, management of local bodies or public institutions, regional planning etc.

Experience in facilitating civic engagements, improving transparency & accountability, programmes of deepening democracy, assisting government in creating policies on good governance etc. would help understand and delivery project goals


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