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About FSG

FSG is a mission-driven firm focused on creating large-scale, lasting social change. Through strategy, evaluation, and research we help many types of actors – individually and collectively – make progress against the world’s toughest problems. We also run our own initiatives and programs to drive long term change.

Our teams work across all sectors by partnering with leading foundations, businesses, nonprofits, and governments in every region of the globe. We seek to reimagine social change by identifying ways to maximize the impact of existing resources, amplifying the work of others to help advance knowledge and practice, and inspiring change agents around the world to achieve greater impact.

The FSG Mumbai office focuses on the Inclusive Markets practice area, and has deep experience of running programs in housing, water, sanitation and education.
About the Program to Improve Private Pre-School Education (PIPE)
FSG launched PIPE in early 2015. This six year, multi-phase program seeks to address the fact that low-income households in India are increasingly demanding early childhood education (ECE) for their children, and are willing to pay for it, but are currently receiving extremely poor quality from the market. Recognizing the massive potential for social impact of high-quality ECE, the PIPE aims to help catalyze the scaling of affordable, high-quality, private sector ECE provision in urban India.

The program is currently supported by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Omidyar Network, UBS Optimus Foundation, Central Square Foundation, and the Douglas B. Marshall Jr. Family Foundation.

APS Coordinator
Over the past year, the PIPE has been engaged in understanding customers and private providers to develop innovative interventions which can improve the quality of ECE offered in Affordable Private Schools (APSs). We are now looking to add individuals to the team who can help us with piloting these interventions in ‘progressive’ APSs and channelizing the data emanating from these pilots back to the PIPE.
The role will require significant field-based outreach to the APSs

Representative Responsibilities
Including but not confined to the following:
 Reach out to ‘Progressive APSs’ through a mix of warm leads and cold calls. ‘Progressive APSs’ are those who are interested in proactively improving the quality of ECE they offer
 Sign up these APSs to pilot PIPE approved products on the basis of quality and a clear value proposition to the school. This also implies working in tandem with FSG and the product provider to refine the sales pitch as necessary
 Manage and nurture the relationship with APSs that have signed up for the program. This includes but is not limited to effective on-ground coordination between the school, FSG and the product provider
 Help the PIPE team to assess the needs of these APSs as well as to understand the decision making process used by them to pilot these products in their schools
 Use PIPE approved frameworks and techniques to gather feedback on the pilot program from school owners, parents and teachers.
 Cleanse the data gleaned from this feedback and relay the information back to the PIPE consulting team through the APS Manager
 Support the PIPE team in the field testing of quality assessment tools, especially those which measure the impact of these interventions on i) child development outcomes and ii) the classroom environment
 Help the PIPE team to develop operational assessments of these interventions by facilitating i) field observation of schools and ii) consultations with intervention providers
 Support the PIPE team with coordination and logistics for all program modules requiring field work (For eg. Creating a State of the market report)
Qualifications, experience and skills
An ideal candidate for this role would have:
 A minimum of an under-graduate degree
 Practical experience of working with school owners/principals, preferably as a service provider
 A background in sales/business development in the education sector
 The ability to think creatively and strategically across various program dimensions, including understanding school needs and playing an important role in intervention development
 Initiative, with the ability to work on their own and without much direction
 A passion for improving the educational outcomes and life-chances for under privileged children in urban India
 Excellent interpersonal skills in order to build and maintain relationships with the different stakeholders involved (teachers, principals, owners etc.)
Property of FSG Inc. Updated 18th May 2016
 The emotional intelligence to inspire openness and trust with colleagues and external parties
 Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
 Fluency in English is required
 Proficiency in the local language of the state is required
 Proficiency in the use of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

This is a 12 month contractual field–based role reporting directly into the APS Manager. Compensation is competitive and negotiable. Candidates must be living in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or Bangalore
At the end of the contract, high performing individuals may have an opportunity to transition into more permanent roles within FSG or with PIPE partners
To apply, send your CV along with a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the opportunity to Irfan Ahmed ( or Keith Ribeiro (


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