Requirements of an Ideal Petsitter

There is an exciting opportunity for all pet lovers!!!

Petcetra is expanding their work base to Bangalore and are on the lookout for animal lovers who can work with them. They are celebrating Petcetra’s 3rd Birthday in Bangalore along with introducing themselves to the city. It’s on 1st September at Green Theory Cafe. It is an all day event so feel free to drop in at anytime to know more about their interesting initiative. Will send you the invite later. Till then you can check their FB link:

More details from the employer:

We all have been in that pickle of a situation when we have finally managed to get a much needed vacation but.The big BUT. What about your pet? Who’ll look after them? Who’ll feed them, walk them or cuddle them!? All of a sudden your vacation plans seem a little out of your league and they get pushed to the backseat. How many of you have gone through this or know friends or family who have faced the same ordeal time and again? That’s where we step in! It’s time to plan a worry-free vacation, and not rely on friends or family to stay home with your pet! It’s time to say hello to Petcetra!

Petcetra is a Mumbai based company, started by a few Veterinarians and animal lovers, all devoted to take care of your pets while you’re away. Petsitting, as we like to call it, is all about looking after pets, at the pet parents’ house itself, and Petcetra is one of the first companies to pioneer and promote this idea at the professional level.

Mumbai has brought us quite a bit of success, and expansion is what we are looking at next. If you are interested in becoming a part of Petcetra, here’s your chance! Here are just a few prerequisites we require in every new recruit in Petcetra:

Requirements of an Ideal Petsitter:

1.Loves Animals, primarily dogs and cats
2.Is responsible.
3. Should be a team player and work well with others.
4. Knows how to deal with an emergency.
5. Knows basic handling of animals, ideally nail clipping and ear cleaning.
6. Would be ideal if you know how to give a basic bath to an animal, hair trimming or other grooming techniques is a plus point.
7. Can multitask
8. Should be able to communicate well with pet parents, since we are looking after their pets, we should know they are in good hands.
9. Does well under high pressure situations.
10. Knows Veterinarians in and around the city.
If you find these qualities in you, then do feel free to contact us and we will definitely get back to you!

Ashna Rawat
Point Of Contact
Mumbai, India
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