The Master Stroke- Fawaz Jaleel

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Fawaz Jaleel’s short story has been published in an anthology book that released on 16th May 2016.

The new stock will be on Amazon soon. Meanwhile, it is available here


Welcome to the lands of colourful minds with ‘The Master Stroke’ that caters to the varied tastes of avid readers. This book, a compilation of 31 awe-inspiring short stories, unearths the deepest of your hidden desires, the darkest of your best-kept secrets, the scariest of your scarred pasts and even the brightest of your bright times.

Flip through the pages that might just drag you through the dark forests of some mystic adventure or cuddle you on the waves of first love…. that might just cruise you through the cryptic pain of that unexpected betrayal or jeer your souls with the thrill of that fearful unknown- for ‘The Master Stroke’ offers you the leisure of some of the most well cooked stories, sauced in the flavour of crime, stirred with a pinch of love and cooked in the flame of fantasy.


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